Ввeдение в методы теории функций пространственного компексного переменного

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Publication of the book

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We published our second book


Introduction to the methods of the theory of functions of complex spatial variable

It underwent thorough review, so its size was reduced significantly. We eliminated a numerous typos and redundant explanations.

Publiched: Moscow, 2007.
318 pages.
ISBN 5-9900850-1-X

You can purchase it at:

OZON.RU - $42
Moskovsky Dom Knigy - $33
- $40


Introduction. Problems of contemporary mathematics.

Chapter 1. Extension of complex variable of A.L. Cauchy into space.

1.1. Research of possible ways of extension complex variable into space.

1.2. Functions of complex spatial variable. Functions differentiability.

Chapter 2. Implementation of integral theorems of A.L. Cauchy in space.

2.1. Connectivity of complex space. Primary features.

2.2. Implementation of integral theorems in space.

2.3. Calculation of curvilinear integrals in complex space

2.4 Extension of Integral theorems for multi-connected areas in complex space.

2.5 Integral theorems of A.L. Cauchy in space

2.6 Numeric series in space. Abel's theorem. Taylor series. Laurent series.

2.7 Isolated special points in space.

2.8 Residue in space. Taking integrals in space with residues.

Chapter 3. Representing of primary relativity theory equations.

3.1. New mathematical system means new calculation methods in theoretical physics.

3.2. Lorentz transformation.

3.3. Energy in space.

3.4. Self-coordination of interacting spaces.

3.5 Time relativity.

3.6 Michelson–Morley experiment

Chapter 4. Implementation of methods of “theory of functions of complex spatial variable” in theoretical physics.

4.1. Calculation of quantum transformations in hydrogen.

4.2 Ether

4.3. Complex spatial variable field in Special Relativity Theory.

4.4 “Reticence” of material world.

4.5. New concept of space

4.6. Binding energy of atomic nucleus

Chapter 5. Electromagnetic and numeric field of “theory of functions of complex spatial variable”


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