Ввeдение в методы теории функций пространственного компексного переменного

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Author's video lecture on black board about time 3 of 3



0 #5 C++ Qt 59 2017-10-04 23:04
Oh my god, such a bad case study, what's the point
of listing down all the factor when you never even elaborate
on the main point. It just shows that you are not well-versed in that industry,
and probably you have not asked the correct question. If
you just do it right, a few simple sentence will be able
to drive down to a conclusion. This interviewee really needs to buck
0 #4 Master Point of View 2017-09-27 11:17
Too much "hi I know accounting, revenues - costs". Go straight to the
point, I would ask why the business is declining, are they cost inefficient or are revenues declining and
if so, is it because they are being outcompete or substitute products.
And why is the business focusing on old people only?

Families with children are an obvious target for Cruise vacations.
0 #3 PickWriters reviews 2017-09-25 14:54
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0 #2 C++ Qt 58 2017-09-22 10:59
Thank you for this videos , they are very helpfull and very easy to undestand .
0 #1 The Word Point 2017-09-07 15:12
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